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INFO: Shredder project 2 is a garment and project combined, that started in July 2018; which since then has been in successive motion for the past year. The garment takes up to 2 weeks to make with PVC strips and Swarovski crystals encrusted into it. Furthermore, with the logo being elegantly distinct, the estimated figures of the pieces are 22 and with a custom proportion once purchased. Therefore, which means once you make an enquiry to obtain one,  your measurements will be taken accordingly, followed by a form you will be given to fill out, which will allow you to have a choice of colour crystals you would wish. Such as, the option of encrusted or alternatively, you could remain with the original design that is showcased on the store.

What is SP2 (Shredder project 2)?

SP2 is CARTÉ luxury’s revamp project, that takes place every year before any garments are realised. A Shredder project must take place in order to give the brand a futuristic look for the New Year. Likewise, increase the brand’s residence and prestigious look to take it to peak heights, almost like a gentle thrust to help with the brand's perception. Shredder project will also be releasing a newly improved vibe for the brand, which will assist the DNA of the brand and its history to help innovate fresh upcoming products during the year.